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Discover the new features in HOMER Grid 1.10

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Video excerpts
00:22 – Calculate EV charging revenue

Discover how to calculate EV charging revenue and forecast the return on investment (ROI) of your prospective EV charging station in minutes.

Open the EV charging set-up, enter the expected price, add price variability and click on the results tab. HOMER Grid will model hundreds of possible solutions and provide a revenue forecast with multiple views. Watch the video to learn more.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­03:09 – NEM 3.0 Net Energy Metering Tariff

HOMER Grid has an extensive tariff database for about 90% of zip codes. To access the new NEM 3.0 net energy metering California utility tariff, enter your California project zip code, click Get Tariff and select NEM 3.0 tariffs.

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03:42 – Import multiple production data files

HOMER® Grid version 1.10 enables you to import multiple data files easily and quickly from PVsyst or Helioscope. Go to choose PV and select the type of file to import.

04:02 – Get started today

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Enter the EV charging price.

View an ROI forecast.

Select the new NEM 3.0 utility tariff.

Import multiple production data files.